46 Students Are Doing Their Internship in VELESSTROY


46 students from all over Russia had the opportunity to be under paid internship in VELESSTROY!

Despite any harsh weather conditions in the Arctic location, we see as years pass by more and more people are willing to be trained under the supervision of top-qualification VELESSTROY mentors. In 2016, we received 150+ applications from students! The most aspiring and gifted students are going to be under internship in the biggest Oil and Gas construction projects in the Subarctic areas, Irkutsk oblast, in Kuyumba etc.

Alexander Feigin, a former graduate of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, who is working for VELESSTROY, shared his impressions and thoughts about his internship on the sites of Kyumba (Main Pump Station No 1) and Pump Station No 15: What I saw in the construction in situ, and in the reality, the thing definitely differs than the construction they write about in books! I believe if you are a trainee during your internship in VELESSTROY, you will gain a unique opportunity to see construction projects with your own eyes, to be trained by professional workers, A Class experts in their disciplines. Certainly, you will get an opportunity to finally define the direction for development as a professional.

Please be reminded: annually, VELESSTROY during July 1 – August 31 conducts Perspektiva program activities i.e. students internships, and you can be offered a followup employment by the Company as the next step.

May all the students complete their internship successfully. Hope the practical skills, and abilities, and knowledge, and experience you will gain help you determine your future job profile!