Best Builder Rewarded by VELESSTROY


On VELESSTROY sites ceremonial rewards are made which coincide with the Builder’s Day. 

The staff who has been working for VELESSTROY 2 years and more get letters of appreciation, certificates of appreciation are presented to the employees who have been working for the Company at least for 3 years, the staff who has been employed for 5 years and more receive Honorable Builder medals . Moreover, mandatory values to be met when you get awarded 1) you need be a leader in performance of Occupational Health rules and 2) you need reveal your stainless professional reputation. 

The reward is to incentify to furnish grave responsibilities for jobs and compliance with Occupational Health rules. Also, it is targeted at distinguishing of the employees who inestimably contribute into the Company growth. 

We hope every year further on a number of rewardees will be more and more! May you all have your job achievements and unflagging energy!