CPC awarded medal to VELESSTROY


On May 12, in Astrakhan region, a solemn event dedicated to the commissioning of the expansion facilities of the CPC-R in the Astrakhan region: A-NPS-4A and A-NPS-5A took place.

As part of the event, the best employees and construction organizations were rewarded for the completed projects, in which representatives of shareholders and management of CPC-R, the Governor of Astrakhan region and representatives of contractor organizations took part. 

From our company, Milan Milivojevic, the Project Manager, and Muradyaev Nurlybek, the 5th category fitter, were awarded honorary medals and letters of gratitude. The event was also attended by our employee Andrey Sadovnikov, the Warehouse Manager. 

In addition to the award, all guests of the event enjoyed a tour of the PS and a concert program. 

We express our gratitude to Olga Burba, Lead Specialist of Payroll Accounting department, and Andrey Sadovnikov, Warehouse Manager. 

In an interview with Andrey, he said that he has been working at VELESSTROY for almost five years and intends to continue working in our company. 

We thank all the staff for the skill you show every day at work, the safety that you put first and trust that you render while working at VELESSTROY. We really appreciate you.