How safety program is implemented at site?


At the end of April, VELESSTROY employees proposed an HSE initiative at the construction project of Mesojakhskoye acceptance station (PAS). 

At the construction site, a meeting was held between managers and employees to bring the requirements for safe performance of work permits. The manager demonstrated the application of the "5 safety steps" technique personally, and then checked the knowledge and its application by the staff. 

It should be noted that other projects see our employees also take initiatives on labor protection; perform work in compliance with high safety standards, as repeatedly noted by our customers. 

South Tambey LNG, the customer for the construction of the LNG plant in Yamal, summing up the results of the HSE campaign in February and March 2017, presented certificates to VELESSTROY for excellent results and knowledge of the rules of work at height. 

Yamal LNG also expressed gratitude to Mirko Stojanovic, Deputy Head of the HSE Project Team and Maxim Fomchenkov, Lead Engineer for Road Safety, for his active participation in providing a set of road safety measures in the South Tambey gas condensate field. We express our gratitude to Miliyanka Mirkovich, Project Manager of SS "MPS-1 (PAS-Messoyakhskoye)", Mirko Stoyanovich, Deputy HSE Team Leader of SS Yamal LNG and Igor Fetisov, Lead Specialist of the HSE Department for the material provided.