Kuyumba-Tayshet Main Pipeline Was Launched For Operation


Since 2013, VELESSTROY has been implementing MP Kuyumba-Tayshet turnkey project as Main Contractor. As of today, the project is at final stage of construction. 

From September 20, the Customer, Transneft – Vostok has launched sequenced filling of the production facilities with oil, starting with MPS No.1 Tayshet. 

On September 29, the oil came to our first pipeline section, Lot 3, with length of 150.7 km. On Saturday, October 8, the oil reached MPS No.1 and started filling the 20.000-m3 oil tanks. The target date of filling completion is October 15, at MPS No.2 construction site. 

It is important to note, that Kuyumba–Tayshet Project is one of the largest and most extensive project, implemented by VELESSTROY. 

Built during 2.5 years: 

1) 240 km of pipeline (Lots 1 and 3); 

2) Two oil-pumping stations, each with tank farm, comprising at least 4 oil tanks with volume of 20.000 m3; 

3) Three 100 kV substations; 

4) OHL-100, with length of 324 km and overhead crossing of Angara River; 

5) OHL 10 with length of 368 km. 

The best part, of course, is to see the results of our work. We started construction completely from scratch in the forest, and during 2.5 years of continuous operation, we have evidenced dramatic changes, - told Dario Mariyan, the Project Manager. 

The construction of facilities was carried out in extreme geographical and climate conditions, with lack of infrastructure. However, the complexity challenges Velesstroy personnel, so the project is planned to be delivered timely to the Customer.