On Pump Station No 8 site, full-scale testing of fire extinguisher system is over


On Friday, August 26, on Pump Station No 8 site, Caspian Pipeline Consortium – Expansion project, the fire extinguisher system was subject to full-scale testing.

It stands to mention the fire extinguisher system testing is the first and foremost phase before they start crude transportations.

The pilot running featured two stages under tight controls of Nikola Shmigich, Project Manager, while stringently performing Occupational Health & Safety and Environment Protection standards. We closely interfaced with Pavel Moskatov, Pump Station No 8 Supervisor, on behalf of CPC-R Operations Department (Directorate of Operations, Western Region, CPC-R), and some representatives of Caspian Pipeline Consortium – Expansion project.

Firstly, we drew some water from the fire circuit ring and we involved three fire squads. When the standard flow rate of water is 93.6 L, actually we obtained 102 L at pressure in the fire circuit ring equal to 8.5 kg per square centimetre. Secondly, we allowed foam running thru seven foam generators, Grigory Shalagai, Deputy Operations Manager, said.

The tests revealed the site fire extinguisher system is fully available.

During testing both VELESSTROY and CPC-R Operations staff took their part. We collaborated splendidly. I am grateful to all our staff who participated in the Pump Station construction works, I express my gratitude towards the client because we could achieve the goal only with our coherent team work, Nikola Shmigich, Pump Station No 8 Project Manager, said.

Also, the Client thanked VELESSTROY and Project Management for the successful test completion, and the Client remarked that it was Pump Station No 8 being the first station in the system of Phase 3 Pump Stations under construction in Caspian Pipeline Consortium projects that had been tested.