Pump Station No. 9 Enters its Final Construction Stage


PS No. 9 site enters its final construction stage

End of May at the PS No. 9 intermediate pigging station witnessed the last mechanical and welding activities that took up the whole month.

After that within the scheduled shutdown of the ESPO-1 pipeline system, PS No. 9 intermediate pigging station was connected to the Eastern Siberia- Pacific Ocean pipeline system. Works began on the 6th and ended on the 9th of June.

As construction activities were finished on schedule the ESPO pipeline will not be shut down for the start-up of the pump station No 9.

Period from the end of July till September will be taken up by the commissioning activities and land improvement. In accordance with the Project, oil pumping station has a pump station, intermediate pigging station, two fire safety vessels and supporting facilities.

It should be noted that geography-wise PS No. 9 is a difficult site. The station is located in the Kirensk area of the Irkutsk region, 33 km away from the Korshunovo village. The project is characterized by complex logistics measures it requires: goods are delivered to the construction sites using route road along the ESPO pipeline during the short Northern Supply Haul, or, in cold months, on cars driving along zimniks (winter roads).