“South Tambey” awarded VELESSTROY employees


In 2016 our Company introduced “Safety First” program and during the first half-year it demonstrated significant and positive results. 

For example, South Tambey Company, the customer of LNG plant construction project located in Yamal has awarded our employees with the certificate of appreciation for record-breaking worked out 5 million man-hours. 

During the construction of Volgograd oil refinery, over recent 8 months, not a single accident happened although the construction boom involved up to 2000 people. The total scope of worked man-hours is million and half without any accidents and injuries. 

There wasn’t a single injury throughout the whole construction period! 

And its only quick facts we are talking about. All the construction facilities of Velesstroy demonstrate positive trend of working hour without any injuries. The Safety First program is wide-spreading and more and more employees understand the importance and value of 11 golden rules of the Occupational Safety and Health.

It is a real breakthrough for us and we hope sincerely that the number of worked hours without injures will increase each day. Velesstroy employees are true professionals and it a pivotal matter for us to provide our staff with comfortable and safe conditions. However, the safety depends primarily on each employee personally.

5 мил часов без травм 08-2016 Велесстрой_2.jpg