VELESSTROY Team Received A Note of Acknowledgement and Awards for Starting Up Zapolyarie Purpe Pipeline System and Kuyumba Tayshet Main Oil Pipeline


The ceremonial venue dedicated to starting up of main oil pipelines namely Zapolyarie Purpe & Kuyumba Tayshet was held in Tyumen, on February 13. 

Velesstroy LLC managers and employees received a note of acknowledgement and certificates of appreciation, and medals for their invaluable contribution made into construction deliverables and for achievements of their successful operations. 

 Nikolay Tokarev, Transneft JSC President, was awarding in person. 

 Zapolyarie Purpe & Kuyumba – Tayshet oil pipelines are bespoke and socially valuable projects. When they were being constructed, we utilized state-of-the-art techniques and construction methods. The works were on-goings under harsh climatic conditions and in hard terrain conditions when you faced deep-freeze temperatures. 

Zapolyarie – Purpe Pipeline System 

VELESSTROY commenced constructing of the northern-most system of oil pipelines back in 2013. This construction project is a special one for the Company: that was the first time ever we constructed beyond the Arctic Circle, where there were conditions of polar nights, and permafrost, and swaps and unavailable infrastructure at all. 

The construction project was implemented in three phases. A linear portion of the pipeline 44 km long was constructed, and two brand-new oil pump stations, a booster pump station, OVHD line rated for 10 000 V were built, we expanded the available Pump Station Purpe. This pipeline system was delivered earlier than it was planned, one month ahead. On August 31, they started to charge crude oil into the oil pipeline system.


Kuyumba – Tayshet Main Oil Pipeline 

This oil pipeline construction was commenced in early 2014. Within the framework of this project VELESSTROY completed a package of construction and installation works to construct two linear portions of the oil pipeline, 240 km long, two pump stations with 160 000 cubic m of tankage in total. We finalized construction of off-site power supply lines (110 000 and 10 000 V), and switchgear substations, and support base and central repair service facility. The most complicated construction refers to construction of the special river crossing over the River of Angara. We involved four 125 m anchor supports and more than 1200 tons of structural steel to build. VELESSTROY completed construction works in October 2016.


During the ceremonial awarding, not only Top Managers of VELESSTROY but also the employees who managed to approve themselves during construction of the project facilities were among the attendees.

жидомилин.jpgVitali Zhidkomlinov, a process piping fitter Grade 5, Pump Station No 2 Kuyumba.

My jobs were alike other man jobs, I was working hard to fulfil in good faith. To tell you the truth, I was surprised I would be honored to receive such a reward. That is a tremendous credit. Before awarding we all felt anxious but everything worked out fine, out team came through, Vitaly commented his award in an unassertive way. 

Vitaly Zhidkomlinov has been working for VELESSTROY for yet another 9th year. In 2009, he started his job on site of Pump Station No 14, next he was transferred to CRS Olekminsk, Pump Station No 38, Pump Station No 13, Antipinsky Refinery and in September 2014 he started his job on site of Pump Station No 2 Kuyumba.

On the site, all the workers were friendly to one another, our work team leader was good. Currently we all, grand, decided to switch to Pump Station No 3 in Bratsk, Vitally summed up.

герасим.jpgMaxim Gerasimovich, a driver Grade 6, Pump Station No 2 Zapolyarie. 

When I received my award, what I did first of all, I made boast of the award to my children. My younger child said ‘I’m shocked deeply’, and the elder one said ‘Dad I am proud of you!’, it is so pleasant! I am willing to be an example for my children and I wanna show any job can be done well and fundamentally, regardless of your position and rank, Maxim shared his impressions smiling. He has been working for our company since 2010.

I have worked for various companies in Arctic construction projects, that is why I can tell VELESSTROY respects for employees much. You know, many people complain like it is no good or they don’t like this or that much. But by comparison, believe me, our company provide you with good work conditions, with high quality protective clothing, we fly home for vacation time between rotations! Yep surely, there are challenges but look at the company personnel, how many people are working for VELESSTROY! It is a natural thing challenges might arise. As for me personally, I am satisfied with my job. 

Such an open-hearted and great evaluation of the company that our employees furnish is the best award for VELESSTROY! This stimulates all the manages to create as most comfortable work conditions as they could be, to do their jobs with bigger commitments taken, even in Arctic locations. We assure we will do any job successfully provided that our wishes, targets and objectives coincide, and we have our common grounds!