Velesstroy wins “Sabbeta in Harmony with Nature” contest


Экология и человек0001.jpgYamal LNG OJSC summed up the results of "Sabetta in Harmony with Nature" contest, which was held among contractors at the natural gas liquefaction plant construction project. 

Our company was represented by Evgeny Simonenko, Leading Specialist of the Security Department at Sabetta,.

"When I heard about contest, I immediately told Evgeny: C’mon, go ahead and win!. And so it happened! "- recalls Denis Alishkin. Evgeny’s colleague. 

By the way, no one had even a slight doubt in Evgeny’s victory. For years he’s been pleasing us with high-quality, beautiful and highly professional photos of the project! 

On behalf of the company Velesstroy congratulates Evgeny with the victory and wishes new creative and professional achievements! Thank you for being with us, for fostering the company development and making us proud! 

The information is provided by the Corporate Security Department.

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