Baltic Pipeline System – Phase 1 and Phase 2

"Baltic Pipeline System – Phase 1 and Phase 2"

The main purpose of the Baltic Pipeline System II (BPS-2) is the final solution to the challenge the Russian Federation addiction of the nations providing services on oil transit. The network of pipelines with a total length of nearly 1,200 kilometers of pipeline connects the "Druzhba" oil pipeline and seaports on the Russian coast of the Baltic Sea. The route passes through five regions: Leningrad, Bryansk, Tver, Smolensk and Novgorod regions. 

 During project implementation the runs were launched all the way from PS “Unecha” through the PS "Andreapol" to "Ust-Luga" tank farm, six new PS were constructed. Total capacity is 50 million tons per year. Thus, there is another economically viable export route for Russian oil from the Baltic Sea to Rotterdam - the oil center of Europe. It is also an opportunity to provide services for oil delivery to CIS countries.

 Participation of “Velesstroy” LLC in the project “Baltic Pipeline System. Phase 1 and Phase 2”

VELESSTROY firstly participated in BPS - 1 project in 2004 in the expansion of loading capacity and the storage tank capacity of specialized SMNP "Primorsk onshore oil port ", as well as the construction of treatment facilities for it. The first phase of the Baltic Pipeline System allowed creating a new, independent Russian export route for oil transportation. 

Despite the fact that SMNP "Primorsk" is one of Russia's largest port for shipping oil for export, independent international experts rated it as the most environmentally friendly and safe oil port in the world. 

Subsequently VELESSTROY participated in BPS-2 project that is a strategically important target for Russian economy development. Its implementation has ensured Russia good conditions for transporting Russian oil to European markets through its own territory, solving the problem of oil transit through neighboring countries. VELESSTROY is proud to participate in such serious and important projects for Russia. 

Under BPS-2 project VELESSTROY has successfully implemented a package of construction and installation works on the launch of PS "Unecha" , PS No.2 and BPS-2 crude oil pipeline terminal - "Ust-Luga" crude oil transfer point. 

BPS-2 construction was completed in 2012.

Crude transfer point "Ust-Luga"

"Ust-Luga" crude transfer point is the end point of the Baltic Pipeline System-2. It is designed for receiving and storing the ship-borne batches of crude oil received from the pipelines. The construction site is located in Kingisepp district of Leningrad region in the area of construction of commercial seaport. Here VELESSTROY has performed construction and installation works including installation of five vertical steel tanks with pontoon roof with capacity of 50 000 m3, integrated buildings and structures, utilities, gas station, valves stations, strainers, control room, containers to collect oil leakages and other works.

Specialized Oil-Loading Seaport (SOLS) Primorsk

The port of Primorsk is focused on the acceptance of oil and oil products through main oil pipelines, storage and shipment in tankers in the interest of Russian oil companies. The terminal is the largest one among Russian North-West ports. Moreover, he is the only port on the domestic one at the Baltic sea capable to accept ships of up to 150 000 tons in deadweight. In the port area there are 18 storage tanks with a capacity of 50 000 m3 and 12 tanks with a capacity of 20 000 m3 each, three filling pump stations, treatment facilities with capacity of 2 500 m3 per day, six cargo berths with total length of 2,047 meters and more. On this site Velesstroy was engaged in construction of tanks and treatment facilities.

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