Safety and environment

 Occupational and Environmental Safety

The dynamic development of Velesstroy is not just financial growth but also the confidence of customers in strict compliance with requirements and taking into account mutual interests. The company finalizes projects for the construction of integrated oil and gas and power facilities, it acts as a general contractor for construction of facilities throughout Russia.

To achieve success and move forward rapidly, Velesstroy introduced an Integrated Management System. This certification is part of the general management of the company and meets several international standards simultaneously. It includes a system of Quality Management ISO 9001: 2008, Environmental Management System ISO 14001: 2004 management system and Occupational Health and Safety OHSAS 18001: 2007. 

"Velesstroy" LLC Management provides the organizational, material, human and financial resources for: 

●  Monitor Policy updates in quality matters.
●  Search for ways to increase Quality Management System effectiveness;
●  Ensure the implementation of commitments in the field of environmental protection;
●  Maintain high level of ecological safety of industrial activity;
●  Minimize the level of risk in occupational health and safety.

   Quality policy

By implementing Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2008 Velesstroy has confirmed its compliance with the standards of international organizations. This means that the processes of the company are perfectly organized; our staff understands the formulated principles committed to its objectives and complies with the requirements set forth in the documents. Customers can be absolutely confident in the stability of Velesstroy LLC as a partner. 

General provisions of VELESSTROY quality improvement strategy:

●  Our desire to not only meet with the deadlines agreed with customer terms of construction but be ahead of it.
●  Use only high-quality materials and up-to-date equipment.
●  Compliance with the storage conditions required by manufacturers of materials.
●  Selection of the best construction methods.
●  Work progress monitoring.
●  Compliance with state requirements in terms of construction.
●  Strict maintenance of production discipline.
●  Maximum assistance to expand the competencies of employees.
●  Continuous upgrading of quality management system.
●  Improvement of the manageability of production and organizational processes.

Environmental policy

Velesstroy LLC operates in accordance with the ISO 14001: 2004 and strictly adheres to the rules and regulations of Russian and international laws.

During facilities construction only resource-saving technologies are used. The list of operations of the production cycle must include works on environmental monitoring (industrial environmental control), rehabilitation of land and other natural resources. 

VELESSTROY obligations in environmental protection:

●  Reduce, and if possible prevent the negative impacts and environmental pollution (emissions, effluents, waste generation);
●  Fulfill all the requirements of both Russian legislation and international treaties and standards in the field of environment protection;
●  Continuously improve the environmental management system and to tighten the performance evaluation criteria;
●  Introduce modern, environmental safer, working procedures, new technologies and equipment;
●  Invest in the environmental education for employees and involve them into environmental activities;
●  Monitor compliance with subcontracting agreements in the field of environmental protection.

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OH&S policy

Among the companies involved in the construction of oil and gas industry facilities, Velesstroy is a leader in terms of the implementation of the most effective measures to ensure healthy and safe working conditions. This is confirmed by a certificate management system of occupational health and safety OHSAS 18001: 2007. Trainings on occupational safety are being regularly held; medical stations are available at all the facilities and furnished with the necessary equipment and medicines.

Each construction camp has all conditions for a comfortable accommodation of temporary personnel. The following facilities are necessarily to be constructed within the area: dormitories (separately for men and women), canteen, sanitary unit, laundry, medical post, an office and sport facilities. 

VELESSTROY professional health and safety policy:

●    Priority of the life and health of employees to diminish the economic benefits and results of operations. 
●  Identification of hazards and measures for prevention of injuries and ill-health of the personnel.
●  Compliance with the requirements of Russian law and industry standards in occupational health and safety.
●  Risk management and implementation of measures to prevent accidents.
●  Increasing competence of employees in safety and training them how to carry out the work without damage to health.