Benefits of Velesstroy

VELESSTROY gained the reputation to be a reliable business partner, which is capable to implement big scale high-technology project timely and in a quality manner. It is not an easy job to work in the company – only the mightiest people can sustain toughly scheduled and multi-task operations, torrential rates of construction progress and they can be liable for achievement of the targets they had set. Drive to perfect deliverables, self-confidence, team spirit are the features that distinguish VELESSTROY staff.

Jobs in VELESSTROY provide:
● Respectable wages & financial solvency.
● Proactive participation in interesting construction projects including multi-national ones throughout Russia.
● Adherence to labor code of Russia.
● Potentials for professional and carrier growth.
● State-of-the-art methods, equipment and materials.
● Occupational health and safety.

 VELESSTROY pays special attention to personal and professional development of any employee. We prepared the following methods and plans: corporate training plan, gifted person enhancement, title rises in order to achieve the targets.

Our employees are the principal asset of our company, whom our completed achievements are rested on and they are a pledge of victories to come’. It was the words that Zlatko Penich, Velesstroy LLC General Director, remarked in his comment for ‘Business&Partner’ magazine: We follow the guideline: if you take care your staff, you take care of our company. Attention paid to needs of our employees, creation of healthy and safe work conditions are undoubted priority for

Training and Staff Development

VELESSTROY is investing its funds into the staff development. The Company prepares and implements various staff training programs:

● Manage and pay for training, qualification, refreshment training of the staff in specialized training centers in all the mandatory directions in line with the Russian law and the requirements of the Clients.
● Conduct own corporate training programs according to business needs, trainings, work-shops, and on-line training.
● Contract consulting companies and cooperate with higher education institutions for broadening of profile skills of the staff.
● Develop the company wide Training Web Portal for training program implementation for remote students.
● Develop special personal training programs formed on the basis of plans of individual development for any employee particularly, which will allow forming our corporate personnel reserve including that of managers.

Embark Upon Your Career

If you are a talented high flying easy-to-relocate self-motivated graduate, undergraduate of an engineering/technical higher education institution and if you are ready to work and master your skills on construction sites in the Russian Federation regions. If you are not threatened by hard climate and heavy duty of rotational works, and if you long to build up your career in the leading construction company and become a high qualification expert and manager.

VELESSTROY will suit you right!

VELESSTROY interfaces with technical higher institutions of Russia in the regions of company operations. Every year we compile a program for employment of students and undergraduates. This Program provides for the possibility of the best of them to undergo practice training and probation on Company’s construction sites. The people will be employed on competition basis twice per year: fall–winter and spring–summer. Upon practice training the people who successfully completed can be employed as interns.

The positions for students and interns are available at ‘Vacancies’ section on the Company web-site. VELESSTROY staff visit recruitment fairs, and student distributional and professional life days in higher education institutions for prompt and accurate notice of potential job applicants.

Recruitment Policy

People are the most valuable resource for VELESSTROY. Our recruitment policy aims at the continual development of staff for the people to maximize their potential and attain the maximum possible level of expertise. 

 VELESSTROY recruitment policy gets implemented in the directions as follows: 

● Select and adapt workers and technicians. 
● MOTIVATE and remunerate the labor.
● Train and develop the staff. 
● Promote and rotate the staff. 
● Schedule careers. 
● Manage talents. 
● Organisational culture etc. 

Our commitment to taking care of our staff as the most valuable asset of our company facilitates enrolling of high qualification staff into VELESSTROY, and this allows us to motivate our own staff for professional growth. We take full-scale activities in order to assure high level of involvement of our staff into the corporate life and due compensation for works on deliverables.  

● Read about open vacancies and personnel reserve ones. 
● Download your job application form for completion. 
● Send your job application form or CV for the vacancy you selected. 

IMPORTANT! CV and application preprocessing is automated, that is why it is highly recommended that you should do the following: 

● Carefully read the vacancy description. 
● Fill out the application form as detailed as possible. Specifically, you background, duties, available certificates, certifications etc. 
● Use a standard Company job application instead of CV and fill it out in MS Word / MS Excel (i.е. not to be hand-written!). 
● As soon as it is possible upload your copies of certifications, certificates etc in a relevant section.


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