Caspian pipeline consortium

Caspian pipeline consortium

Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) is a result of labors of Russia, Kazakhstan and the world's leading oil companies: one and a half thousand kilometers of the main oil pipeline, through raw material comes from Tengiz oil field in western Kazakhstan to the port of Novorossiysk on the Russian coast of the Black Sea (terminal South Ozereyevka) for the purpose of the global markets. 

Firstly CPC project was developing taking into account twice more expansion. 2010 was marked with decision to start work on the expansion of existing capacities from existing 28 to possible 67 million tons of oil per annum. For this purpose 10 new pumping stations and a third tanker loading unit at the Marine Terminal shall be commissioned and additional storage tanks for crude oil shall be constructed. Solemn ceremony devoted to the start of construction work took place in July 2011, and the project is scheduled to be completed in 2015. 

VELESSTROY participation in CPC oil pipeline expansion. 

 VELESSTROY participated in the CPC expansion project, initially committing only for the construction of three pumping stations in the Krasnodar krai. Subsequently, however, the CPC has greatly expanded the package of construction projects, considering Velesstroy as one of the most reliable partners. 

 Despite the fact that the project for the construction of three pumping stations was not accompanied with difficulties with climatic conditions and inaccessibility of construction sites, large company experience to address unusual challenges is still in demand. Tanks that need to be constructed exceed by dimension the most similar facilities not only in Russia but in the world. They will be of a huge volume - up to 100 000 m3, so you cannot do without careful consideration of the work plan and use of special equipment.

Pump Station No 6

PS-6 "Kropotkin" was built and commissioned in 2002. This station is the facility of CJSC "CPC-R" oil pipeline system. Being the general contractor, "Velesstroy" LLC was engaged in reconstruction of this station, and VELESSTROY completed the work two months ahead of the contractual deadlines. CPC corporate style is compliance with international standards everywhere and in everything. No exception made for standards in occupational health and safety, environmental, industrial and fire safety. Before work start at the site VELESSTROY took a set of measures that ensure compliance with the CJSC "CPC-R" requirements for work methods of and, by the way, was the first contractor in Russia, which had been authorized to work in Krasnodar Krai. VELESSTROY constructed two tanks – 50 000 m3 each, main and booster pump stations, fire station, installed three main pump units with turbine drive, built an underground motor road, a helipad with access road, performed the package of works on corrosion protection of newly built facilities and competed commissioning.

Pump Station No 7

PS-7 is located in the plains, at Staromyshastovskaya village, Krasnodar Krai. Here VELESSTROY performed the construction and installation of the intermediate PSs, main pump station, buildings of indoor switchgear, integrated transformer substation (ITS), pipeline surge relief system, fire protection facilities and so on. Local groundwaters were unpleasant surprise for the workers but this challenge was routinely handled by the company. VELESSTROY team many times won the competition for occupational safety arranged by CPC-R. PS-7 was awarded by CPC not only with passing banner, but with, so to speak, the regimental banner transferred for permanent storage. VELESSTROY is linked with CPC with their long-standing relationship; the two companies have learned to understand each other perfectly.

Pump Station No 8

PS-8 is located near Krymsk town, Krasnodar Krai. The station is constructed on the hill, on the rocks, because of which, according to experts, the level of seismicity (intensity earthquakes) reaches nine scores. For maximum strength and stability tanks are constructed on piles, as it a normal practice in the permafrost. A feature of this PS is the construction of giant oil tanks up to 100 000 m3 in volume. The construction of such a complex and large-scale objects requires particularly careful monitoring of construction.

Tank farm

Tank farm of Marine Terminal in Novorossiysk is located approximately 9 km off the Black Sea. It includes four oil storage tanks of 100 000 m3 each, it was first constructed tank of this size for the oil and gas industry in Russia. In addition to the construction of the tank farm on that site VELESSTROY performed a work package for construction of integrated warehouse facilities, indoor storage, construction of utilities etc.

Within the expansion of the Caspian Pipeline Consortium in 2015-2017 VELESSTROY, LLC, constructed transfer station A-NPS-4A in the Krasnoyarsk Region of the Astrakhan Oblast.
In the course of construction VELESSTROY, LLC, specialists grappled with heat waves, sand storms and ground waters. But all these difficulties were overcome in time, in strict compliance with the quality standards, safety regulations and following the construction deadlines.
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