Civil engineering

Jamal LNG: Shift camp

In 2013 Velesstroy Company was awarded with subcontract for construction of ambitious and unprecedented project for Russia – “Yamal LNG”.
Team of Velesstroy employees arrived in Yamal in September 2013. The main task of "landing troop" was the construction of a residential complex for a thousand and a half people. At that time, the living conditions of the company had already become a role model for other companies.
The first large-scale project that Velesstroy gained is Trained1 and Train 2 - construction of the shift camp at the South Tambey gas condensate field. In 2015 Velesstroy signed a contract with the general contractor "Yamal LNG" OJSC for the construction of III and IV Phases of the project, which was called 3rd and 4th train respectively.
The sooner than ever within Phase 1 and 2 there were built 38,400 m2 of residential housing for four thousand people and 1,600 m2 of office accommodation. Also, there were constructed outdoor parking, warm parking, fire station, overhead lines and other utilities.
Creating infrastructure of the settlement in the severe arctic conditions is Velesstroy honorable contribution to the development and implementation of unique “Yamal LNG” project.

Administration and living quarters District Oil Pipeline Agency in Khabarovsk, LLC Dalnefteprovod

In 2011-2012 we received the assignment from LLC Dalnefteprovod. VELESSTROY finalized a package of construction and installation works to construct Office and Amenity Building of local oil pipeline agency.

Administration and living quarters District Oil Pipeline Agency in Dalnerechensk

In 2011-2012 we received the assignment from LLC Dalnefteprovod. VELESSTROY finalized a package of construction and installation works to construct 5 storey Office and Amenity Building of local oil pipeline agency. This building is located in Dalnerechensk, in Primorsk Krai.

Construction camps and office

September 2013 marked the launch of the project – construction of camp and offices carried out by Velesstroy LLC for the French company VINCI CONSTRUCTION GRANDS PROJETS. This camp construction was one of the first ЕРС projects for Velesstroy at Sabetta peninsula.
Living conditions mean a lot for Sabetta peninsula inhabitants. Being away from home feels more acutely, and during the arctic storm when the works stop people go out into the street just to get to the dining room. That is why the construction of the camp is the subject of key importance for VINCI employees.
Construction camp was built in a short time. It consists of 7 dormitories for a thousand and half inhabitants and 1100 m2 of offices, utilities and sites, as well as drinking water storage facilities. All the buildings were built on pile foundations with steel pile caps and insulation.
The town is power supplied using diesel generators with a capacity of 60, 100, 150 or 300 kVA. The employees are accommodated in seven buildings, three of which are building for up to 300 workers, one female dormitory for 120 people with four bed rooms and dormitory for technicians for 150 people with two-bed rooms. Two more buildings were built to accommodate VINCI CONSTRUCTION GRANDS PROJETS staff: first - for 72 people with single bed rooms and the second - for 80 people with two-bed rooms.
There are two canteens in the camp as well: the first for five hundred people, a the second for two hundred. The camp is supplied with water from the nearest lake which is then purified in water-treating facilities. In addition, there are additional buildings for workers active rest (a ping pong premise, a gym, a building with Wi-Fi), laundry and shop constructed in the camp.

Evolution tower

In 2016 Velesstroy, LLC, began the design development and works execution at one of the most high-tech business centres in Moscow: Evolution tower, part of the Moscow-city complex. This is a turnkey construction project.

Civil construction is a prospective and fast-growing section of the economy. With its construction and installation works and putting into operation civil facilities, VELESSTROY actively participates in increasing the life quality of the population. 

To resolve the arising problems which sometimes turn out to be quite challenging, company specialists find solutions that ensure both safety of the industrial processes and unsurpassed quality of works. Strict process control measures are implemented to observe legal requirements for environmental protection and protection of professional health of employees and people involved into the process.

Office area

2014 marked Velesstroy ЕРС contract award with “South Tambey LNG” for construction of temporary facilities. 

As a result of construction three office buildings were built in the main office area for the company for 61 workplaces, for contractors – for 470 workplaces and for subcontractors for 600 workplaces. In area of temporary buildings there were constructed warehouses, garages, workshops and repair shops in immediate neighborhood of liquefied gas plant. Water treatment plant built with water supply of for 1,500 cubic meters was constructed for hydrotesting water. 

Today the module type pile-based office buildings are the workplaces for employees of the companies involved in implementation of “Yamal LNG” project.

OJSC "Federal Grid Company UES" - Main power transmission lines of Central Russia

Construction of offices and executives facilities is an integral part of economical development and efficiency control in any branch. OJSC "Federal Grid Company UES" Main power transmission lines of Central Russia is the company which is responsible for power supplies to thousands of companies and millions of people. LLC Velesstroy is proud of this important project.

Russian State University of Oil and Gas named after Gubkin

Russian State University of Oil and Gas named after I.М. Gubkin is the main higher institution of oil and gas establishment of Russia. LLC Velesstroy was awarded with repairing work on the specialized department which is very closely related to its own business.

Research Institute of Transneft

2015 marked Velesstroy LLC contract award with “Transneft R&D” LLC for выполнение planning and surveying and CIW during construction and reconstruction of office building of Transneft Research Institute for Oil and Oil Products Transportation in Moscow. Office building floors, façade and adjacent territory were technically re-equipped.

Residential building "Obluchye" and Residential building "Vyazemskiy"

Providing workers and their families with decent living conditions is an integral part of the social security of workers during the period of their duties implementation. In particular it refers to those who work at the facilities located in remote areas and in hard-to-get-to areas. The expansion of service housing fund is made mainly via the construction of houses in Siberia and the Far East territories, which contributes to development of regions. A typical example is the construction of during works under “ESPO-II” project.
In 2012 Velesstroy performed civil, construction, installation and commissioning works on "Dalnefteprovod" LLC service housing fund facilities.
There were built two-storey residential buildings with a total area of 8272 cubic meters in Obluchye town which are part of the pipeline system "Eastern Siberia - Pacific Ocean" section of the PS "Skovorodino" - "Kozmino" special sea tanker port PS-30. Also another two-storey houses were built with total area of 952 cubic meters in Vyazemsky town, which are part of the "Eastern Siberia - Pacific Ocean" pipeline system section OPS "Skovorodino" - "Kozmino" special sea tanker port PS-36.
Besides that the works package included the construction of engineering facilities, water supply systems, lighting systems, arranging playgrounds for kids of preschool age and infants, parking areas.

Быстрые факты
Заказчик ОАО АК «Транснефть» период строительства 2008 - 2010 год
Строительство в трудодоступной местности
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