Industrial Construction

The LNG plant
2014 marked Velesstroy LLC contract award with “South Tambey LNG” (consortium Velesstroy, Technip, JGC, Chiyoda) for construction of one of the global largest liquefied natural gas plant.
The plant with a capacity of about 16.5 million tons of LNG is based directly at South Tambey field on the shores of the Gulf of Ob.
Under the awarded contract Velesstroy performs piling, specifically installation of steel tubular, specifically installation of steel tubular piles with diameter from 530 mm to 273 mm and diameter from15,364 m– to 328700m, and installation of 13 150 vertical heat stabilizer. When piles are installed mount assemble concrete pile heads in number of 2 395, each - 35 t weight. Also under the contract Velesstroy carries out concreting with a scope > 73 000 m3, installation of steel structures inside shelters and building and perfoms works on corrosion resistance in a scope of 105 000 m2 and fire curtain installation in the scope of 21 500 m2. The works package includes installation of 22 assembled process modules, with total weight near 115 000 t, installation of main cryogenic heat exchange with weight of 420 t, pipes welding and installation – more than 26 000 welds! At the highest point of these construction works more than 3 200 and 600 machinery units were involved .
Velesstroy has built 3 canteens per 500 people each at the site as well as check points at each site access point.
The distinctive feature of the building is using modular assembly technology principle, which significantly reduces the construction costs in the Arctic and optimizes project implementation schedule. The industrial complex will include three gas liquefaction train capacity of 5.5 million tons per year each. The first phase is planned to be launched in 2017, second in 2018 and third in 2019.
Quick facts
Client "SOUTH TAMBEY LNG" construction period 2013
Construction works in harsh climate
Manpower - 487