Main Oil Pipeline «Kuyumba-Taishet»

Main Oil Pipeline "Kuyumba-Taishet"

Cooperation with countries of Asian-Pacific Region involves rapid expansion of the main oil pipeline network to increase crude oil supply to Japan, South Korea and China. Construction of the main oil pipeline Kuyumba-Tayshet which route runs through the areas of Krasnoyarsk Krai and Irkutsk Oblast is a part of this strategic plan implementation.

This project covers more than 700 km of piping; several oil pump stations; infrastructure facilities, crossings over main transportation routes and water obstacles. This pipeline allows oil from Kuyumba field and Yurubchen-Tokhom field run to oil pump station Tayshet of ESPO pipeline system. Years before, commercial oil production was not possible due to lack of infrastructure.

VELESSSTROY took up the works in 2008. As part of the Main Pump Station No. 1 project, the company built two fixed-roof vertical steel tanks with a capacity of 50,000 m3 and four pontoon-roof vertical steel tanks with a capacity of 20 thousand cubic meters, performed the whole complex of construction and installation works.

Our team also worked in the most difficult geological and climatic conditions and built PS No. 2. The entire construction area of this facility is composed of permafrost soils. The temperature of soils at a depth of 10 m varies from above-zero to -0.8 ° C (average value -0.2 ° C).

In addition, as part of this project, VELESSSTROY took up the construction of not only underground, but also underwater crossings, each joint of the pipeline was triple checked, and additional radiographic control was carried out for welding water crossings.

Quick facts
Client AK Transneft OAO construction period 2014 - 2017
Construction works in harsh climate
Manpower - 450