Main Oil Pipeline «Kuyumba-Taishet»

Main Oil Pipeline "Kuyumba-Taishet"

Cooperation with countries of Asian-Pacific Region involves rapid expanding of the main oil pipeline network to increase crude oil supply to Japan, and South Korea, and China. Construction of the main oil pipeline Kuyumba-Tayshet which right of way runs through the areas of Krasnoyarsk Krai and Irkutskaya region is a part of the strategic plan implementation. 

 This project covers more than 700 km of piping; several oil pump stations; infrastructure facilities, crossings over main transport routes and water obstacles. This pipeline allows oil from Kuyumba field and Yurubchen-Tokhom field run to oil pump station Tayshet of ESPO pipeline system. Years before commercial oil production was not possible there due to lack of infrastructure. 

 Local content: the local companies were involved on the first priority base, more than 4.5 thousand work places were created. Local government arranges training on required professions: oxygen cutters, construction equipment operators, electrical welders. Besides that in the frame of investors social commitment it is planned to build two kindergartens. 40 million rubles transferred for two communities of indigenous people of Arctic area. Total amount of investment into the project is 100 billion RUB. Approximate date of completion is 2016.

Main pump station No 1

Main pump station No 1 in Taishet (Irkusk region) is one of the major stations in ESPO. The area of the station is more than two hectares. Tank farm is one of the largest in "Transneft" system. Until recently, there were 5 tanks 50 thousand m3 each running at the station. On this site VELESSTROY builds two vertical steel tanks 50 000 m3 with a fixed roof and four vertical steel tanks 20 000 m3 with a pontoon roof; performs construction and installation works, including booster and main pump stations, eight fuel storage tanks of different volumes, cable racks, control room, diesel power plants, process pipelines, utilities, fire station and more.

Pump Station No 2

PS-2 construction site of "Kuyumba - Taishet" main oil pipeline is characterized by hard local geocryologic conditions. Virtually the entire area is composed of permafrost soils. Soil temperature at 10m depth varies from positive values to -0.8 °C (average value is -0.2 °C). Therefore, all the works were actually performed by VELESSTROY under extreme climatic and geological conditions, in compliance with the tight schedule and high quality standards. All the buildings and facilities at the site are mounted on piles and heat stabilizers. Before starting works on the facility all the VELESSTROY welders were trained in National agency of welding quality control.

Linear part 95 km long

On this site VELESSTROY faced not only with the construction of underground, and underwater crossings. Each pipe butt is subject to triple inspection, when welded at underwater crossings the pipes shall be radiographically tested. Despite the large volume of tasks to be carried out, it is already clear that the whole work package on the linear part, which includes welding of strings, digging and backfilling of trenches, restoration of land, will be finalized before the planned deadline.

Linear part 105.7 km long

Under this facility project Velesstroy works not only on pipe-laying and backfilling of trenches. In summer they take in-line water pressure tests and diagnostic tests of laid pipeline using ultrasonic and magnetic inspection pigs. Further, it is planned to perform work directly related to the commissioning of the facility. Overhead line 10 kV will be constructed, oil pipeline engineering protection will be installed, landscaping and rehabilitation of the road will be performed, as well as automation and remote control alarm and security system will be installed.

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