Oil Refinery Construction

Antipinsky Refinery

Antipinsky refinery is a new and unique enterprise with processing capacity of 8 MTPA and the quality of oil products complies with Euro-5. VELESSTROY started the construction of the third train of Antipinsky refinery in late 2011. It was the first experience in oil refining, especially at this scale. For two years VELESSTROY was building crude primary distillation unit, tank farms of custody diesel fuel of 80 000 tons, and crude oil tank farms of 60 000 tons, modern processing facilities. More than 3,500 people worked at the site, 180 kilometers of pipeline was laid. The hardest part was associated with the fact that design of the facility was carried out in parallel with the construction, and works could be planned according to only one month advance.

Khabarovsky Refinery

Oil refinery in Khabarovsk is a leading enterprise for the production of light oil products in the region. Implementation and technical support of innovation technologies is an important part of the success of the enterprise and guarantee of its uninterrupted operation. Velesstroy performed welding works on the catalytic tubes and manifolds of hydrogen reformer (N220-101).

Komsomolsky Refinery

Oil refinery in Komsomolsk-on-Amur is one of the oldest and most important facilities of oil and gas industry in the Far East. Its uprading was in line with modern standards of quality providing production high rates and safety. Within this project VELESSTROY was engaged in installation of cable lines of communication networks, power equipment, installation of water-reducing facilities, cathodic protection; VELESSTROY performed a work package on construction of five thousand cubic meters tanks, and the company was engaged in the construction of integrated structures, utilities and lines.

Volgogradsky Refinery

The design capacity of Volgograd refinery is 11 MTPA. Uninterrupted operation of the facilities of deep processing of vacuum gas oil (VGO) allows producing high quality oil products in required quantities. Here VELESSTROY performed the demolition and reconstruction of existing facilities and construction of Off-plot facilities of deep VGO processing Stage 1 of Train 1 and Train 2.

Быстрые факты
Заказчик ОАО АК «Транснефть» период строительства 2008 - 2010 год
Строительство в трудодоступной местности
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3700 - число персонала
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