Oil Refinery Construction

Antipinsky Refinery

Antipinsky refinery is a new and unique enterprise with processing capacity of 8 MTPA and the quality of oil products complies with Euro-5. VELESSTROY started the construction of the third train of Antipinsky refinery in late 2011. It was the first experience in oil refining, especially at this scale. For two years VELESSTROY was building crude primary distillation unit, tank farms of custody diesel fuel of 80 000 tons, and crude oil tank farms of 60 000 tons, modern processing facilities. More than 3,500 people worked at the site, 180 kilometers of pipeline was laid. The hardest part was associated with the fact that design of the facility was carried out in parallel with the construction, and works could be planned according to only one month advance.

Quick facts
Client "Antipinsk Oil Refinery" ZAO construction period 2011 - 2014
Construction unique technology
Manpower - 3500
Equipment units - 750