Other construction facilities

Samara LODS

Existing tank farm was built more than forty years ago. Today, this station tank farm is the largest in Russia. Yet since 2009 Velesstroy has been working on this basis for the construction, installation and dismantling of tanks. Over the past seven years "Velesstroy" repaired about 40 tanks. In 2014 oblywas lt seven tanks with a total capacity of 200 000 m3 were constructed. Because, as at Grushovaya TTF, work are conducted on the existing base - every step is agreed with the customer during the work, process accuracy where the main thing is not doing harm.

“Cherkassy” LODS

“Cherkassy” LODS consists of 2 pump stations: PS “Cherkassy-1” commissioned back in 1954 and packaged pump station “Cherkasy-2”, commissioned in 1975. From 2012 to 2013 Velesstroy carried out the first stage of the reconstruction of the tank farm - two tanks with a capacity of 40 000 m3 each

Pilot run No.1, 6 km. PS of Tagul field

The run is six kilometer long, stretches from Suzun field oil processing facilities to PS of Tagul field. Here VELESSTROY has laid an above-ground pipeline. This project is unique for both the Russian Federation and Velesstroy. That was the first time when first pipeline was built on pile supports with insulation system.

“Yuzhny Balyk” LODS

“Yuzhny Balyk” LODS is one of the largest in the transport system of "Sibnefteprovod" linear operation and dispatching station for oil acceptance, storage and transfer. It is located within an area of over 60 hectares. As interface of LODS, there is more than 300 kilometers of the linear part of the pipeline network operated by four oil pump stations. From 2012 to 2014 Velesstroy was engaged in construction, reconstruction and repair of this LODS tanks with volume of 20 000 m3.

‘Grushovaya’ transfer tank farm (TTF)

JSC AK “Transneft” ‘Grushovaya’ transfer tank farm is a historical place for VELESSTROY. In this location the working experience of many Company’s top managers started. Since 2001, VELESSTROY is being engaged in base reconstruction. It is about 50 years old. There are few tanks of new generation, basic reinforced concrete containers were underground. In five years since the start 12 old tanks were deconstructed and the first group of four new ones 30,000 m3 each was built. It seems to be nothing unusual for VELESSTROY. But the thing is that all this is happening at the operating facilities related to increased commercial risk. All the actions are governed by the relevant federal law. Work at the facility, whether laying a decorative tile or pouring concrete, shall be performed under the work permit and is to be agreed with all the services of a tank farm: from electricians to immediate site superintendents. In addition to the tank farm there is a complete replacement of utility and process pipelines. They are extracted from the earth as well, and being replaced by new ones installed on the racks. Welding, i.e. hot works, is the most dangerous. Every hour, onsite gas content analysis is carried out in-situ. Besides, all the jobs are done within a relatively small area, where you can reach any facility with your hand. In general, it is the work done not by just professionals but by virtuosos. For 5 years they laid 25 kilometers of pipelines. But that's not all, VELESSTROY is also engaged in the construction of infrastructure facilities, such as a helipad.

The site of oil loading "Angarsk"

In 2012 Velesstroy carried out construction and installation and commissioning works at the Angarsk crude oil load facility of Irkutsk District Oil Pipeline Agency under the contract with “Vostoknefteprovod” LLC. From Angarsk crude oil load facility via railroad oil is delivered to Far East oil refineries and export to China.
It should be noted that all the works for this project were made exactly on time and were successfully accepted by the customer.

PS Nizhneudinskaya

PS “Nizhneudinskaya” is the first station transferring oil through Angarsk operational section. It was formed under the order of the West Siberian Oil Pipeline Administration of Glavneftesnab Office of the RSFSR as of July 16, 1964. Since 1998 to the present day, PS “Nizhneudinskaya” is the place for gradual and scheduled implementation of programs for overhaul, reconstruction and upgrade in order to bring facilities to standard state. In 2012 Velesstroy started the upgrade of two tanks: 5000 m3 and 20,000 m3.

Messoyakha pressure oil pipeline

Messoyakha fields are the northern-most of known onshore oil fields in Russia. The project is implemented with the need to minimize the impact on the polar region environment and to ensure reliable safe operation of the oil transportation system in harsh environments. In particular, to protect the permafrost layers pipeline is constructed on special supports with soils thermal stabilization. The system of constant monitoring of the facilities integrity uses a special fiber optic cable, extending throughout the route, the pipeline will also be equipped with fire and security alarm systems, video surveillance. In places of deer migration and indigenous population moving the project provides the creation of 14 special passages and crossings.

Line section 70 and 77 km
Within the construction of ESPO pipeline – Komsomolsk refinery pipeline branch project in 2015 PMC ESPO, LLC, and VELESSTROY, LLC, signed a contract for the construction of the 222.4 – 293 km pipeline section.
Complexity of this construction project is increased by the geography of the region, as the route features numerous waterlogged and flooded areas.
PS No. 1 Khabarovsk
In 2016 VELESSTROY, LLC, secured a contract with PMC ESPO, LLC, for a set of construction and installation works at Pumping Station (PS) No.1 within the construction of the ESPO pipeline – Komsomolsk refinery pipeline branch project.
PS No.1 project incorporates four oil tanks, each with a capacity of 20 000 cubic meters.
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