Power construction


Oil pipeline system "Eastern Siberia - Pacific Ocean" (ESPO) is the largest project in modern Russian to build a pipeline to transport oil to Russian Far East and markets in the Asia-Pacific region. Its length is 4740 km. In order to provide power supply to pipeline pump stations VELESSTROY constructed high voltage transmission lines and substations.

OL 1-14

To provide ESPO pipeline with power network VELESSTROY carried out large scale works having constructed 14 high-voltage overhead lines in the area of "Nizhny Kuranakh", Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), to PS 41, Primorsk Krai. The company designed and constructed high-voltage substations at PS-11, PS-15, PS-19 and fire water pump stations. VELESSTROY constructed FOL cable facilities, completed civil works, and installation of main equipment.

OL Tommot-Maya

VELESSTROY designed and constructed OL 220 kV routes Neryungrinskaya GRES - Nizhny Kuranah - Tommot - Maya with 220 kV substation in Tommot and Maya. Total length is 434.6 km. The route crosses six watercourses of Group2 of criticality The complicating factor in the construction here are permafrost soil, available marshland and peat soil deposits.

PS Ust-Kut

Ust-Kut high-voltage substation is located in Irkutsk region. Its capacity is 688 MW. The purpose of this substation is power supply to the north of Irkutsk region in the area of Baikal-Amur Mainline and the ESPO oil pipeline. Velesstroy was engaged not only in substation construction but also in the design of the facility, carrying out integrated surveys and the state examination.

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