Residential building "Obluchye" and Residential building "Vyazemskiy"

Providing workers and their families with decent living conditions is an integral part of the social security of workers during the period of their duties implementation. In particular it refers to those who work at the facilities located in remote areas and in hard-to-get-to areas. The expansion of service housing fund is made mainly via the construction of houses in Siberia and the Far East territories, which contributes to development of regions. A typical example is the construction of during works under “ESPO-II” project.
In 2012 Velesstroy performed civil, construction, installation and commissioning works on "Dalnefteprovod" LLC service housing fund facilities.
There were built two-storey residential buildings with a total area of 8272 cubic meters in Obluchye town which are part of the pipeline system "Eastern Siberia - Pacific Ocean" section of the PS "Skovorodino" - "Kozmino" special sea tanker port PS-30. Also another two-storey houses were built with total area of 952 cubic meters in Vyazemsky town, which are part of the "Eastern Siberia - Pacific Ocean" pipeline system section OPS "Skovorodino" - "Kozmino" special sea tanker port PS-36.
Besides that the works package included the construction of engineering facilities, water supply systems, lighting systems, arranging playgrounds for kids of preschool age and infants, parking areas.

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