Zapolyarie -Purpe” Pipeline System

“Zapolyarie -Purpe” Pipeline System

Estimated capacity of the second section of the oil pipeline “Zapolyarie-Purpe” is about 45 MTPA. Total oil pipeline length is about 500 km. At present, design and survey works are in progress. It is supposed to take stage-by-stage commissioning of the oil pipeline: Stage 1 in December 2013; Stage 2 in December 2014; Stage 3 in December 2015.

Main Pump Station No 1 (MPS-1) with Line Maintenance Service

Main pump station is the northernmost point of the Zapolyarye – Purpe oil pipeline. You can get here only by helicopter in summer because of very floating soil. Therefore, Velesstroy supplied all the necessary equipment for construction in winter. Weather conditions also do not indulge the construction workers. In summer the sun does not set down the horizon for days but the average temperature does not rise above 11.5˚C. In winter, average temperature is -45˚C, and if it gets warmer then it is -20˚C. The main goal of "Velesstroy" LLC, the general contractor, is construction of eight vertical steel tanks with a pontoon roof with a capacity of 20 000 m3. As all MPS facilities tanks are mounted on piles. There shall about five hundred piles installed under one tank. As a rule, during the day, Velesstroy workers install about 300 piles. Tank foundation grillage is lifted 1.5 m above ground; piles are driven at a depth of 12 m, heat stabilizers – at 15 m. Velesstroy also carried out works on the construction and installation of the booster station, seven fuel storage tanks of various capacity, four fire-fighting water tanks, fire station, fire fighting pump station, cable racks, control room, diesel power plant, process pipeline etc.

Pump Station № 2

PS-2 is located to the south of MPS-1, at 152nd kilometer of a highway. According to the design here VELESSTROY is to construct 10 vertical steel tanks with pontoon roof. PS-2 has the same problems with permafrost as the main pump station does. In order to prevent the soil melting under the tanks each installed pile is accompanied with a heat stabilizer. Here VELESSTROY works on the construction of ten storage tanks of different capacities, manages construction and installation works for the area maintenance building, fire-fighting and water intake pump stations, constructs the roads.

Linear part 44 km long

Under "Zapolyarye - PS Purpe" investment project VELESSTROY is constructing including above-ground and under-ground pipelines, construction of 10 kV overhead lines, construction units of valves and air cocks of linear part of Phase 3 of the pipeline system at the run between 0 km to 44 th,56th km. During the surveys it was found out that the pipe would have to be laid under extremely hard geological conditions because of so-called unstable soils, such fine grain-sized icy ones. They are in the frozen state for a long time, when it is warming by a few degrees they turn into jelly mass with poor bearing capacity. To ensure the reliability of the pipeline, we decided to lay it off the ground by placing a pipe with an additional insulating layer on pile foundations. All the pipes are equipped with special insulation to prevent heat loss during transportation of oil.

Pipeline System PS "Purpe"- "Samotlor" Line Operations Dispatcher Station

This is the project when it got commissioned; it resulted in increasing of oil supply up to 25 MTPA from Yamal-Nenets region and Northern part of Krasnoyarsk Krai. For this reason 400 km pipeline was built through the area of Yamalo-Nenets region and Khanty- Mansiysk (Yugra) area. Also, oil processing facility “Purpe” and “Samotlor” were renovated, power and process facilities were built. 

These works were performed under “Purpe-Samotlor” oil pipeline construction project, the first part of a global project of main oil pipeline “Zapolyarye-Purpe-Samotlor”. The second run “Zapolyarye -Purpe” will be 500 km long and will have 45 MTPA capacity. Approximate date of commissioning is end of 2015. 

 Oil pipeline “Purpe-Samotlor” commissioning allowed to increase oil supply from Vankor field into the “Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean” (ESPO) system and then to the global markets or to the Russian refineries. Further construction of additional intermediate pump station will double capacity of the completed sector up to 50 MTPA. 

 “Velesstroy” LLC Participation in “Purpe-Samotlor” Oil Pipeline Construction

 “Purpe-Samotlor” project implementation required experience in working under specific conditions of wetlands and in dealing with water obstacles and blended soils. VELESSTROY which is experienced in employing advanced technologies and construction equipment along with work management under severe weather conditions successfully addressed the challenges. 

 In addition to compliance with Federal Laws requirements on environmental safety “Velesstroy” LLC specialists followed and implemented the highest standards of industrial safety and environmental protection during all the stages from project design to commissioning.

Intermediate Pump Station №2 Vyngapur

Intermediate pump station Vyngapur is the most modern facility equipped with up-to-date technology, built in the tundra. VELESSTROY has worked on the construction and installation of the main pump, which for sure is the heart of the station – its control room, where all the data on pressure, temperature, vibration, and other indicators of PS operation are displayed in real time monitoring. VLS has constructed enclosed parking for equipment, fire station, boiler room, canteen, a room for indoor switchgear and more. What is should be specifically underlined about PS: firstly, 90% of the pump station equipment is made in Russia. And, secondly, during construction of the station both the customer and VELESSTROY paid special attention to the environmental safety of oil transportation: pumps were equipped with leakage monitoring system and indoor premises are furnished with high gas content detectors.

Pump Station Purpe

Purpe pumping station is a starting point Purpe-Samotlor oil pipeline and is located in Purovsky region of Yamal. Acting as general contractor in 2010-2011, VELESSTROY constructed four tanks 20,000 m3 in volume, main pump station building, fire fighting pump station, water pumping station, gas station, construction of utilities and communication networks, installed the process equipment and power supply.

Pump Station Purpe. Expansion

Since it was impossible to expand the tank farm at existing PS “Purpe” that "Velesstroy" LLC built few years ago, the company had to build a new oil pump station, which is located three kilometers away from the existing one. Today VELESSTROY conducts construction and installation works, including construction / dismantling of temporary site facilities; works on opening the intersections of lines and networks of other companies, their technical inspections with the assistance of specialized organizations and other works; execution of commissioning work; work on land reclamation.

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